See better.-Live better.
Without glasses or contacts.


Refractive surgery allows many persons with a sight defect to live their life without glasses or contact lenses after the treatment. There are several types of very safe and time-tested surgical procedures that can provide a better life for you, without glasses or contacts.
The Augenzentrum in Fribourg offers the entire spectrum of surgical treatments of sight defects – from the most up-to-date and safest laser corrections, corneal stabilization – applied for instance in case of keratoconus – to implantation surgery, the implantation of technically refined but well-proven artificial lenses to correct moderate to very pronounced or complicated visual defects, including presbyopia (impairment of eye sight with advancing age). Only a detailed preliminary examination, followed by a discussion with the surgeon, can determine which method is the best for you. (see also suitability for refractive surgery)

Treatment of sight defects

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